Historians claim that quinces were known among the people living in Palestine around 1000 B.C. It’s a fact that it was widespread in Southeastern Europe before the apple.

The European Cornel is a very common shrub in Central and Southern Europe, but even with all the benefits of its fruit, we rarely include it our meals.

Due to their taste and flexibility blackberries are one of the most consumed fruit – they can be consumed fresh or as an ingredient in jams, smoothies, juices and compote. Also an indispensable ingredient for making deserts and cakes.

The Peach’s country of origin is China. Today, they are the biggest peach exporters with 62% of the total produce being grown on Chinese territory.


The raspberries are delicious and very healthy. They are rich to vitamins C, B1, B2, B9. They’re also a source of many minerals and microelements - copper, potassium, calcium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, but most of all iron and magnesium.


Cherries are well known to everyone for centuries and their health benefits have been tested throughout the years.

In the eastern medicine treatment with cherries and sour-cherries is a tradition, as they are believed to be easily absorbed.