Cornel fruits can be stored for about 10 days. Within a few days from the picking they discolour and soften, but it is in this state that they are best for consummation. Cornels can be eaten fresh, dried and frozen, or you can make jams, juices and compote from them. ZIV Ltd. has created for you the only mass produced drink with cornel fruit pieces, to deliver taste and joy.
Cornels are the perfect fruit to protect yourself from colds and infections, as they contain twice as much Vitamin C as oranges, which stimulates the immune system and invigorates the body. Cornel fruits can heal sore throat, measles, anemia, hemorrhoids and kidney diseases, but its greatest medical benefits, known from ancient traditions are its properties that reduce temperature, cause constipation and fasten blood clotting. It’s used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, gastritis and diarrhea.
Most of the cornel’s benefits are retained upon the fruit’s processing, allowing us to secure them not only from the fresh fruit but also from the products produced from it – jams, nectars, juices and compote. Try our drink with cornel fruit pieces, created with much care and love.