A fair, small tree that birthed fruit of various sizes, shapes and colours. Quinces have a strong acerbic taste and are consumed fresh, baked or boiled. Their juice calms the digestive tract and soothes stomach ulcers, and with a teaspoon of honey it helps with gastrointestinal disorders, colitis and diarrhea. The fruit is famous for its energizing effect on the body and research shows that daily consummation strengthens the libido. It carries magnesium, zinc, selenium, potassium, iron and phosphorus, which reinvigorate the immune system, boost red blood cell production which in turn oxidize the tissue, rejuvenating the skin. Many doctors claim that a quince a day will make your skin shine, reduce eye bags and wrinkles. It is also commonly consumed while healing scars and acne. 
ZIV Ltd. makes the amazing drink with pieces of the quince fruit, to let you delight in the naturally rich taste and aroma of the quince.