Ot Mazzetto

It’s a coincidence that in Italian Mazzetto means “bouquet”. But it’s not a coincidence that in our maze of endless fruits, you can find the full specter of tastes, captured for you to enjoy through the whole year. In our assortment you can find classical syrups and drinks with fruits, which remind you of visiting your grandma, or you can also find curious and captivating new tastes.

Under the brand “ot Mazzetto” you can find various natural, non-alcoholic drinks, with rich palette of fruits, refreshing and energizing. We make our syrups from traditional Bulgarian herbs and fruits in a way, carried down through generations. Refreshing, with entirely natural ingredients, perfect for dilution in still or carbonated water. We recommend dilution in 1:4 ratio to water.

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When we begin a day with the necessary energy, we have the perfect ending of the day as well. Our cold teas Ympo will give you this energy and sunny emotions that you so desperately need during the day.
The variety of teas will not only affect your emotions in a positive way, but they will also help you get fitter. You can’t resist our aromatic combinations of herbs and flowers.

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